The last Saturday of March is a special day for us.
it's the GLOBAL earth hour day.

March 28th, 2020 is a special day for us in many ways …

28th of March has had a special role in our plans from the beginning. The Earth Hour day is a day that brings people around the world together to collectively think what it means to protect our planet and why it is essential.

We started building and planning our launch of brand aie, activism in elegance, a long time ago without any idea what the world would look like today. Covid-19 has made us to shift our focus from traditional launch activities and come up with new ways of reaching you while guaranteeing a safe shopping experience for all.

Our original plan included pop-up stores and a beautiful store in Italy. However, to do our part in flattening the curve we have decided to postpone our original plans and use this as an opportunity to reinvent the way we consume and create human connection

Since we cannot offer you the physical feel of our products just yet, we have decided to enable you to take part in our mission and try out our products by purchasing sample sizes at a significantly lower price. Covid-19 and the resulted isolation of masses has already showed us that we can still restore our nature. The Earth is capable of healing. We have dolphins swimming in the canals of Venice and the air in New York is already cleaner. Please join us for the wellbeing and safety of our planet and, therefore, the humankind.

Stay tuned.


Its ecosystems and the life it sustains go beyond comparison, but it is its ability to heal from the damage humans have caused that we have faith in - but this only holds true if we change the way we consume.

We at aie have our priorities straight: We have made a commitment to fully compensate the carbon footprint caused by our manufacturing and running our business.
For this reason we have chosen to donate the required money to a non-profit foundation called Compensate. You can find out more here:

In addition to this, we feel the obligation to polish the ocean from plastic waste.

We are currently looking for partners for our Save the Oceans donations. We would love to hear you views and ideas. Mail us your ideas to - use the subject "Save the Oceans".